Case Study: Very Revealing

This is a case study on the logo design I did for the blog "Very Revealing," written by Meredith Bazzoli, a writer and actor in the Chicago improv scene. The blog discusses life in a raw and tongue-in-cheek manner. Its main audience is for 20-30s women, but it's accessible to other audiences as well. Specifically, Meredith wanted to communicate someone with idealist mind living in reality, feeling that they fall short of the romantic movies and clothing store advertisements.

The central vision of the blog is a juxtaposition: I want to be perfect, but I'm not. The message is a step forward in vulnerability. With this in mind, I aimed to make a more honest logotype.

I built a fairly high-contrast script in order to communicate more of the idea of handwriting rather than print, promoting the idea of honesty. The design is aimed more at a female than male audience, but readable and not too frilly as to not alienate other readers. The color also pushes toward a more neutral direction. The script is a relative of cursive, yet has a fairly strong readability for this thin of a hairline. It appears elegant, and yet still honest, not trying to make too much of itself. Since the logo is used mainly as the top banner of the website, I wasn't extremely worried about small size readability; however, it holds up surprisingly well at small sizes. I wanted to have several very distinctive letters, particularly the V and the R, to stand out as the center of the visual brand.

The logo is unique, elegant, and honest, providing a distinctive brand mark that draws readers to the central vision of the blog.